Traditional industrial coating solutions such as paint or powder coating are cosmetic in nature when compared to the value that elastomeric coatings provide.

Pinnacle’s selection of elastomeric industrial coatings are designed to meet a variety of coating challenges. Whether it is a coating solution to withstand saltwater and electrical current, or bridge coating for waterproofing and corrosion resistance, Pinnacle has industrial coatings that meet the toughest challenges.

Elastomeric coatings have longer life spans, higher performance and lower maintenance costs than traditional alternatives. This leads to longer project life, and a significantly lower lifecycle costs. They may be easily applied to a wide range of materials including; metal, wood, concrete, masonry, floatation foams and more.

​Industrial Facilities

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Floors and decks
  • Pipes and pipeline
  • Ship cargo holds and ballast tanks
  • Foundations and retaining walls

Agricultural Facilities

  • Tanks and silos
  • Vehicles
  • Tank coatings
  • Rail car lining
  • Theme park features

Blast Abatement

  • Containment ponds
  • Ships & Maritime facilities
  • Waste water treatment facilities
  • Farm and heavy equipment
  • Sewer linings

Protective Coatings Industrial solutions

applications for Industrial Coatings

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